About Us

Thank you for visiting my blog. Med Tritionnni is a site for consumers who are looking for valuable information about supplements and other products for the treatment of certain medical conditions.

Let me introduce myself first. I am Carroll Lopez, a professional dietitian and nutritionist on weekdays. On weekends, I manage and write content for this blog. My goal is to share my expertise and knowledge with consumers who want to make informed choices when it comes to their health.

For now, you can read here objective, third-party reviews of several health supplements. Later on, we will publish user reviews on nutritional products and supplements for treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. Over time, you’ll also find clinical studies, in-depth features, and other helpful content to provide you with information and advice you need to know before buying and consuming any product that is meant to improve your health.

You can contact me via medtritionnni.com@yadex.com for any questions and comments. I welcome any sort of feedback, especially suggestions on how I can make this blog more relevant and useful to you. I also accept guest post contributions, particularly product reviews about health supplements. Will be glad to hear from you!