Write for Us

We are currently developing a reviews section on this blog to further help our readers make informed choices about the nutritional supplements they are considering to buy. If you have tried a particular supplement product and would like to share with other people your experience with it, you are more than welcome to contribute your thoughts here.

What you can write about

  • Your personal experience about using any particular brand of supplement in any form: herbal, pills, liquid, tablet, etc. for any purpose such as bodybuilding, skin care, detox, weight loss, and more
  • Your health condition and the reasons why you chose the product you are taking
  • Both the positive and unpleasant results, effects, or aspects of the supplement you have taken
  • Your key takeaways from the experience
  • Your rating of the supplement based on effectiveness, ease of administration, price, etc.

Terms and conditions

  • We do not provide compensation of any kind to our guest contributors to ensure fairness and objectivity when reviewing a certain product. However, we offer the opportunity to have your link published along with your guest post to help you increase online visibility for your personal blog.
  • We do not accept guest post contributions from companies that manufacture, market, or sell nutritional or health supplements.
  • Your article must be an original piece and must not be copied from anywhere on the internet.
  • Your article must be at least 300 words in length.
  • Anonymity is allowed if you prefer that your identity is kept confidential. But we will require you to provide your personal details for authentication purposes.